In this section the ACCC website provides links to significant legislation which might be of interest to councillors and others involved in local government. As the competencies and procedures of local government are derived from national law, sooner or later a councillor is bound to run up against the potential or the limitations expressed in statute law. This section will provide a link to some of the more prominent texts. However anybody undertaking a significant activity where law might be an issue is advised to seek qualified legal advice. Be aware too that the body of legislation is constantly evolving and Acts can be amended at short notice by subsequent Acts passed by the Oireachtas.
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Financial Emergencies in the Public Interest Act 2009

This Act which was brought into law in February 2009 was a response to the crisis in the public finances. Among the measures of relevance to local government in this act is the amendment to the Local Government Act 1998. Section 4 of the 1998 Act had specified a Local Government Fund which was to comprise the income from motor tax PLUS a Government contribution of €270 million to be increased annually by at least the Consumer Price Index. The 2009 Act deletes this specification for the Government contribution and replaces it simply with an whatever amount of funding is agreed each year by the Minister for the Environment with the Minister for Finance. In other words the base amount and formula set up by the 1998 Act is now redundant and the Local Government Fund will essentially be funded by whatever amount the Exchequer can bear. Click on this link to see text of act



Cumann Comhairlí Contae is Cathrach
(formerly known as the General Council of County Councils)

Local Government Act 2001
The Local Government Act 2001 is the basic legal text for modern Irish local government.
The Local Government Act 2001 reiterated the policy making role of the elected councillor and modernised the terminology of local government while leaving the basic structure intact. The text of the Act is written in clearer language than is normal for legislation and a scan through its contents makes a good primer for anybody interested in learning the basic structural elements of Irish local government. Click the link below to access the full text of the Act.